Competences+ is a two year project that aims at creating innovative tools to help participants access the labour market.

The objective of Competences+ project is to help participants in mobility projects to continue the pedagogical process they have before their departure to access to the labor market at their return. Competences + project aims to create attractive tools for participants and to promote the added-values of mobility projects and skills acquired through their mobility project.

The partners developed a study among 100 employers in Italy, Germany, France and the United Kingdom in order to learn about the competences that are expected by the employers. This allowed the partners to develop tailored tools to support the participants throughout their project and give them advices on how to promote their competences at their return. The results of this study are available in four languages (link).

Also, the training available on this website was developed with the purpose of allowing participants to define their professional and/or personal project, to refine their objectives and to know which structure to address regarding their project.

A phone application was also created as a practical tool for participants of mobility projects to be able to promote their mobility experience during their stay abroad and to value the experiences acquired at their return thanks to their own evaluation of competences linked to their project.

Finally, at their return, all participants will be provided with a two-day training to assess all the competences acquired during their project and to prepare them to their access to the labor market through job simulations and work on their professional and personal project for example. This will be linked to the online training.

The expected impact of the Competences+ project is to propose a better integration to the labor market for the participants at their return from mobility project by giving them an adequate support throughout their project and by helping them to evaluate and valorize their competences.

This website contains

Information collection of support offers to access the labour market Online-Tool to identify your competences
Training material for updating CV and cover letter