Competence Identification

We want to offer you the chance to do an online assessment of your competences/talents after your return from your mobility.
By anserwing questions you will be able to assess 8 competences that are called “Key Competences” by the European Commission.

  • Literacy competence
  • Multilingual competence
  • Mathematical competence and competence in science, technology, and engineering
  • Digital competence
  • Personal, social and learning to learn competence
  • Citizenship competence
  • Entrepreneurship competence
  • Cultural awareness and expression competence

Your benefits:

  • After completing the questionnaire, you will receive a graph that gives you a visualisation of your competence levels from 1 to 5.
  • You will be able to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie.
  • You can download your competence graph as pdf and enclose it to your job application documents.
  • Make sure to emphasise on your identified strengths in your CV and cover letter.
  • Think about ways to justify or explain your weaknesses in a job interview, but do not emphasis them in your CV and cover letter.
  • Look for training opportunities to strengthen your weak spots in the future.

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