Validation of competences in Germany

Many people have skills that are of great value both to society in general and to the labour market in particular. Often these competences are not visible because they have not been acquired and validated in the context of a formal qualification. However, in order to meet the increasing demands of our society, these competences must not simply lie fallow. Validation makes existing competences visible, easier to understand and thus more usable.

Validation is the process of

  • identifying,
  • assessing,
  • documenting and
  • recognising

Knowledge, Skills and Competences acquired in formal, non-formal and informal settings.

CEDEFOP glossary, EU Communication on LLL: „Validation is the process of identifying, assessing and recognising a wider range of skills and competences which people develop through their lives and in different contexts…“


* Information provided by the Competences+ partner  blinc, Germany.