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EVS – European voluntary service

Support offer

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a scheme open to all people between the ages of 18 and 30 who wish to have a rewarding experience abroad.

The European Voluntary Service allows you to discover a new culture and acquire new skills. This is an action of the Erasmus+ Programme, implemented by the Erasmus+ France Youth and Sport National Agency.

Who can access this offer?

Anyone who has never done a European voluntary service of more than two months, citizen of the European Union or with a valid residence permit until return to France. The young person should be aged 18-30.

Further information/useful links

  • http://europeanvoluntaryservice.org

Local contact point in France:

CLAP ( Local Project Assistance Committee)

Support offer

CLAP is an educational tool for young people. The accompaniment is unlimited in time, individualized, at your own pace. CLAP work with you on your ideas and go to the realization of your project. In other words, a counsellor accompanies you in all your steps to refine your ideas, to make them realistic, to go up and understand your budget, to write your project, and to seek funders.

Who can access this offer?

People under 31 years old who have a project

Further information/useful links

  • http://hauts-de-france.drjscs.gouv.fr/spip.php?article90

Voluntary Social Year

Support offer

The Voluntary Social Year (Freiwilliges soziales Jahr – abbreviated as FSJ) is a voluntary service in social areas.

The sponsors who offer the Voluntary Social Year are usually active on a supra-regional basis. They have entered into cooperation agreements with a wide range of different organisations. By “placement” one understands the concrete position at which the FSJler, the volunteer, performs the voluntary service.

The financial compensation is often referred to as pocket money. This income is supplemented by meals, accommodation and travel expenses. The amount of the pocket money varies from institution to institution.

FSJ members receive pedagogical support. This is made available by the executing agency. The pedagogical support includes on the one hand an individual support of the participants, on the other hand also seminars. An introductory seminar, an intermediate seminar and a final seminar take place. These seminars last at least five days. If the FSJ lasts 12 months, the total duration of the seminars must be at least 25 days.

Depending on the field of application and the sponsor, the FSJ members additionally receive any necessary training or advanced training.

Who can access this offer?

Young people and young adults in Germany who have already completed full-time compulsory schooling and have not yet reached the age of 27, i.e. have not yet celebrated their 27th birthday.

Further information/useful links

Portal: http://m.einjahrfreiwillig.de/

The Prince’s Trust

Support offer for aspiring entrepreneurs

The Prince’s Trust – a programme for young people aged 18 to 30, living in the UK, who have a business idea or some ideas to explore. People can either sign up to enjoy the programme in person or try the new, flexible online platform, with e-mentor support, to help guide through all the key steps.

There is an online programme packed with useful  videos,  top tips and  guidance to help start a business, it’s an effective way to learn the necessary skills and it’s absolutely free. There is also a connection to a community of other young people who want to be their own boss.

There is the chance to be teamed with an e-mentor.

Who can access this offer?
18-30 year olds living in the UK

Further information/useful links

What’s involved in Enterprise?’ detail page.

To sign up for Prince’s Trust Online, simply click here.