Access the labour market in France

‘Access to the job market’ in France means to find a job. ‘Job market’ stands for all kind of work, full-time or part time, and in all sectors. There are two main types of contracts in France: ‘CDD’ which is a fixed-term contract, and ‘CDI’ which is a permanent contract. It is frequent that first jobs are under a fixed term contract. To find a job, the procedures are either to send a spontaneous application or to respond to a job offer. Concretely, it means sending a CV and a cover letter to the recruiter. The candidate is asked to participate to an interview in order to prove his employability and capacities for the work he is applying for. Most of the job seekers in France are registered at Pôle Emploi, which is a public employment service. Thus, they can benefit from job-search assistance as well as financial support. Job seekers can also find work through contacts or by doing an internship.


* Information provided by the Competences+ partner ADICE, France.