Become an entrepreneur in Italy

The definition of entrepreneur changes a lot depending on the sector in which you want to start an independent business.

The sector of activity are numerous, we can synthetically define them as follows:

  • industrial
  • local trade
  • professionals and technicians
  • personal and cultural services.

In this analysis we propose to analyze only the sectors related to professions and services, as the other two sectors are markedly different and require substantial economic resources.

To start an autonomous activity it is necessary to respond to a market and society need, to evaluate if the necessary skills and relationships are available, to verify the feasibility and the sustainability of one’s idea through the drawing up of a business plan.

The procedures for starting a business of their own are the opening of a position at the income agency (VAT number or other form of a single company), drafting a business plan including an analysis of possible customers / users.


* Information provided by the Competences+ partner ASPEM, Italy