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State educational institutions (Bildungswerk)

Support offer

Bildungswerke are organisations within the federal states which have specialised in helping as service providers with the job search.

The range of support offers a broad spectrum of different measures to support the individual.
In addition to support for applications (application management), there are retraining and support measures as well as additional qualification offers, help with job placement, support offers for people with disabilities and support for (re)integration.
In addition, the respective offers are divided into different groups (see target group) and offer as specific support measures and offers as possible.

Who can access this offer?

Pupils, apprentices, trainees, teachers, job seekers, people with disabilities, and immigrants.

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As examples of support specific to the federal states:

BWNW (Hessen):
BNW (Niedersachsen):

Overview of all federal states:

Federal Employment Agency

Support offer

The Bundesagentur für Arbeit “BA” (federal employment agency) supports jobseekers with the following options:

  • Supervision by a personal contact person for better perception of various job offers as well as possible support for further training or retraining
  • Access to the online platform “Job Exchange”, which supports the job search through an individualised search based on qualifications and preferences

The spectrum of support for unemployed persons complements the previous points:

  • Financial support (e.g. unemployment benefit I or II, travel allowance, etc.)
  • Business start-up subsidy
  • Regular appointments with the personal consultant
  • Formal training (for the application)

Who can access this offer?

In Germany, a basic distinction is made between jobseekers and unemployed persons. Both forms are supported by the Federal Employment Agency in their search for a job. However, the measures, programmes and subsidies are differentiated in their forms (see: general description).
The designation or registration as a jobseeker results from the fact that the person in question is still in an employment relationship but ends within the next three months and is therefore subsequently unemployed.
It follows from this that the registration as unemployed means that you are no longer tied to any employment relationship.

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