ADICE Association

Support offer

This is a voluntary commitment of six to twelve months for the accomplishment of a mission of general interest in one of the nine areas recognized as a priority for the nation, within non-profit organizations or legal persons governed by public law in France or abroad.

The objectives are:

Mobilizing youth to address the magnitude of social and environmental challenges.

To offer young people aged 16 to 25 a new framework for engagement in which they can mature, gain self-confidence, develop and acquire new skills and take the time to reflect on their own future, both as citizens and as professionals.

To be a stage of life during which young people from all social and cultural backgrounds can come together and become aware of the diversity of our society.

Who can access this offer?

For anyone who has never done a civic service before, French, European or who have lived in France without interruption for a whole year. The young person should be aged 18-25 and 18-30 for people with disabilities.

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