Private educational institutions

Support offer

The offer for further education and training is provided by a large number of companies (state-supported and/or privately financed).
The educational offer is extensive and includes both school and vocational qualifications as well as further and continuing education and retraining.

Examples of offerers:

  • VHS – Volkshochschule
  • IBB – Institut für Berufliche Bildung AG

The range of offers provided by companies and schools is large. The program of the individual courses covers various fields such as:

  • Work – Profession (training courses, qualifications, further training by topic),
  • Health (from consciousness creation to continuing education),
  • Language,
  • Culture – Designing,
  • Politics – Society – Environment (training, further education),
  • School degrees,
  • Basic education (literacy, computers, everyday skills, vocational orientation).

All areas are accessible to everyone, but in order to simplify the process they are simplified for the “user” by prior individual counselling.

Who can access this offer?


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