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Development banks in Germany are for example KfW or federal states specific development banks (example Lower Saxony: NBank).

In principle, start-up and self-employment are supported by development banks. However, these are largely determined by the place of establishment. KfW Förderbank acts independently of the federal state, but focuses primarily on start-ups in the creative industries.

There are also promotional banks specific to each federal state which support start-ups and companies with their own employees and which offer similar services.

KfW Bank’s promotional offer for the foundation of a company is divided into three different models, which differ, among other things, in their respective financial volumes.

The NBank is an example of a local business start-up in the federal state of Lower Saxony. Similar to KfW Bank, the main focus is on financial volume and financial advisory services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Who can access this offer?

Everyone, whereby the range of support is geared to the needs of the individual.

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