State subsidies

Support offer

State support for setting up a company is supported by various institutions. These are the Federal Employment Agency (BA) and the European Social Fund (ESF).
The financial support provided by the Federal Employment Agency concerns two different levels:

  • The start-up subsidy is aimed at persons registered as unemployed who receive unemployment benefit. This subsidy is subject to a number of conditions (such as the submission of documents relating to the business plan, the submission of comments by an expert on the project or a certificate of self-employment from the trade office, but also that at least 150 days of unemployment benefit remain after the date of foundation).
  • Support through the so-called entry allowance is aimed at persons who receive basic insurance and serves as an integration of self-employed persons (but can also be applied for when taking up employment that is subject to social insurance contributions). This form of support is also linked to – as mentioned earlier – conditions.

Support from the European Social Fund is aimed, among other things, at supporting self-employment, entrepreneurship and business start-ups, including innovative micro-enterprises and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises. This support is also linked to various conditions (such as publicity requirements).

In addition, the support addresses various areas related to business start-ups, such as advice on business management, attracting and securing skilled workers, environmental protection, the introduction of family-friendly measures in the company, and the organisation of work for the elderly and disabled.

Who can access this offer?

Directly addressed to the unemployed or jobseekers

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